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Hangzhou property market prices and falling house prices or mark the inflection point

Hangzhou November cold wave hit the property market, especially of the second-hand housing market prices fell. After four consecutive months of price declines, second-hand house prices below 19,000 for the first time this year in the downtown of Hangzhou Yuan/square meter.

transparent housing market research data show that in November of this year, total transactions of second-hand House 2152 in the downtown of Hangzhou, down 156 units from last November, down 6.76%. "At the end of last year, Hangzhou second-hand house trading volume in the market whether it is, or is listed, showed a certain level of promotion pattern of warm winter, but this year no tail at all. "Liang Liyan, a researcher at the hospital said.

cold in Hangzhou secondary housing market, with local massive new sites listed are not unrelated. It is reported that the concentration of land into the market as the first two years, and recently in Hangzhou (including, Xiaoshan, Yuhang district and) new homes market is particularly lively, cluster open as normal, opened at the end of wave is a wave after wave. Data show that in November, the new commercial housing voluntarily added a total of 10,200 in Hangzhou, opened property for up to 40, opened for the first time there are 14.

after new central market, Hangzhou real estate market's turnover has decreased rather than increased. Data show that in November, signing new commercial housing units in Hangzhou 7569, down 1.2%, and fell 11.47%. Among them, the main city of Hangzhou agency fell more than 20%.

House harder to sell, prices are possible. Since the beginning of August, prices showed a monthly decline trend. Statistics show that in November, Hangzhou City housing prices only 18,800 Yuan/square meter, in October compared with 229 Yuan/sq m, was this month sold for an average price of second-hand House less than 19,000 yuan per square meter for the first time.