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Handle the mortgage to pay various fees encyclopedia

buy room loan is most people of way, in select good loan way Hou, purchase who on can to related sector handle loan procedures, in handle loan procedures of while, also need pay following costs (around has differences, only for reference):

lawyer fee: for application loan amount of 3 ‰. Less than 100 Yuan, charged by 100 Yuan; housing Provident Fund loans, does not charge a fee; but if it is a combination of loans, Commercial mortgage charged 3 per thousand.

notarization fees: If home buyers need legalization, it will have to pay a certain percentage of the notary fee, notarization fee standard is generally 200 to 400 Yuan, or notary fees charged.

premium: divided into two forms, are now generally use the following (1) form.

(1) secured by mortgage and suretyship: x p = x premium rate conversion of present value of

(2) mortgage and purchase all risks guarantee, housing insurance and life insurance in two parts:

① insurance rates home insurance = loan amount x years x conversion of present value of

II life insurance = x loan amount (insurance premiums for unemployment insurance rate x)

caveat here is that Attorneys ' fees and expenses notary fees are not required, but while going through the above procedures, the program is more complex, so most buyers are entrusted to developers, lawyers, or other intermediary through the integration. If it is not necessary the agency or notary, you do not need to pay two fees.