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2014 "Moonlite" how to buy a House

nowadays many young people are truly "Moonlite", however old enough to marry, buy this plan had to be put on the agenda, when "Moonlight" encountered to buy a House, how to solve? Paycheck can also realize the dream of owning it?

   , "Moonlite" need not be too pessimistic, as long as the budget-conscious, buying a House is not unattainable dream.
         first, the proposed "paycheck" buy preferred small apartments.
     "Moonlite" usually younger, not much accumulation of wealth, so the first payment is not high, less monthly small apartment is their best choice. Small apartment can be used as transitional housing, after economic conditions improved and when there is higher demand, this small apartment is easy to rent and easy sale liquidations can help achieve improved real estate dreams.

         second, "Moonlight" should be rational to choose a mortgage.
is "Moonlite", the monthly basic wage to almost nothing. When choosing a mortgage should not be excessive to pay off the loan as soon as possible to reduce living costs, decreased quality of life. Recommendations choose Provident Fund Provident Fund loans, this can make you a lot loan interest payments.

        Finally, the "paycheck" to buy a House should pay more attention to the purchase offers.
     since the purchase money is not sufficient, it is necessary to find ways to reduce overall housing spending. Now there is a lot to buy a house-buying activity, its market has a certain price concessions, Moonlite can suit your buying activity involved, this can save a considerable amount of housing costs. In addition, developers can also concern the "tail". The "tail" is not a problem, mostly because towards the flaws and slow on the type or does not affect live, high cost performance.