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Buyers look for recanalization of new layout next year Beijing Subway

Beijing in 2014 for the LCS important facts of mass identified 30 primary projects, including next year will raise 70,000 units of affordable housing, and 100,000 sets of 4 new metro lines will be opened to traffic. Practical tasks is determined, the Municipal Government will strengthen evaluation and accountability for the implementation of Department interviewed and ordered corrective action for the lack.
  morning news reporters learned from the Municipal Government of Beijing, currently 30 primary projects related to: to improve housing conditions of low-income people, this city will next year through the building, rebuilding, expansion, acquisition, raising all types of affordable housing, 70,000 sets of completed 100,000 sets.   Other than affordable housing, an important fact for next year to improve the living conditions of the masses also includes continuing to energy-saving insulation such as alterations to the old community, totaling 10 million square meter; reconstruction and environment improvement of shantytown in six districts of the city, a total of 108 projects completed 80,000 rural hours seismic and energy saving.
 , such as traffic congestion, water pollution, solid waste disposal, "urban disease" has become increasingly prominent, and did not match the status of the capital of Beijing, so next year's proposed practical further development of public transport, improve the ecological environment as an important task, 40% per cent of the total.   For example for ease Center City hold blocking, improve public travel efficiency, next year will achieved Line 6 line two period, and Line 7 line, and Line 14 line East paragraph, and Line 15 line a period West paragraph total 62 km track line built opened; on three loop within 80 article city road of bike road and people line step road implementation regulation, increased public rental bike 5,000 car, completed 30 items sparse blocking engineering. To improve air quality, and next year the city will be replaced through the high quality coal-fired, coal to electricity and natural gas households, such as reduction of 1 million tons of coal for coal, completed 400,000 cooking gasification renovation project, completed coal-fired boilers for heating steam clean-energy makeover 2500 tons.   From the primary project, proposed for next year actually pay more attention to people's immediate feelings. Such as the improved three-ring 100 bus station transfer conditions, a variety of way to increase public revenue, building 200 km ecological greenways, create hundreds of facts such as healthy schools, do you can directly benefit from it. In solution highlight problem aspects, for "pension difficult" problem, this city decided construction 80 a pension care center and 16 a Community Service Center; for "housing difficult" problem, plans raised guarantees room 70,000 sets, and completed 100,000 sets; for "parking difficult" problem, intends to using civil defense engineering provides 18,000 a parking spaces; for "doctor difficult" problem, plans carried out 4,000 a family health training, construction 60 a TCM community science team.   This year, facts about a city government in the preparation stages for the first time seeking the views of the public over the network. After the task, the Municipal Government will strengthen evaluation and accountability for the implementation of Department interviewed and ordered corrective action for the lack.