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Purchase classes: which mortgage product is best?

this bank loan products, implementation rates also varied, buyers how to chose the most economical and the most cost-effective mortgage product? After 360 recommends that you do "four".

, whether the loan interest rate discount
interest rate directly determines how much loan interest, Bank mortgage rate discount, the greater, the more it will attract mortgage clients. At present, banks are tightening loan quotas, raising loan rates, mortgage interest rate discounts on the verge of extinction, buyers are more likely to choose to still offer interest rate discounts on bank loans.

II, to see if additional loan costs
If one or more bank lending interest rates the same, depending on how their loan costs provisions. Bank fees, some banks to charge mortgage valuation fee, which will increase the cost of loans.

three, see if there are specialty products to help save
many banks have introduced a similar "save against credit" specialty products, save part of demand deposits borrowers to the Bank specified "deposit against loan" account. This account of higher interest than regular savings account deposits, and part deposit interest deductible mortgage interest, reduce the loan burden of. For borrowers, it is a good way to save money.

four, Bank support services are in place
in addition to attention to the Bank's lending rate and associated charges, also the Bank's support services are in place, human. Some banks offer a variety of repayment options for borrowers to choose, and a variety of repayment options are free to convert some Bank restrictions on prepayment and default on payments. In addition, the Bank also needs to take into account the number of outlets, network, transaction will be relatively easy, avoid unnecessary travel in that country.

Word, selecting mortgage products should be on the banks of the products and features to fully understand, to "shop around", not hooking, hastily selected a bank loan, otherwise, only to suffer or your own.