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Outstanding loans to house buyers to be demolished what should I do?

recently encountered something that he was taken aback by Mr LEE's "sudden incidents": 5 years ago, Lee told 600,000 yuan Bank loan to buy a set of age 10 second-hand housing, now only half, but the House had to be demolished. Li's puzzles are, how they should deal with bank debt issues and how to address the issue of compensation with the demolition sector.

about how to repay bank debt
encounter with Lee, the same people, faced two main problems:

is the loan contract between the Bank and

owners get loans from the banks and the mortgage to the Bank. If appears to be demolished for housing mortgages disappearing and then bank mortgages will disappear. But the Bank has the priority right to be repaid. In other words, after owners get compensation, you should first repay Bank loans.

is the second agreement between demolition and relocation

demolition and clearing of bank debt and signed relocation agreements with property owners to obtain relocation Housing Authority. So, owners of selected monetary compensation, relocation shall take the initiative to help them repay Bank loans; owners of select property replacement, removal should assist their previously mortgaged to the Bank houses converted into houses, then signed a loan agreement.

about buying a House is some problem

Lee still has a problem – if they had chosen the way of monetary compensation, so your purchase again if I shall ever be first.

to this, after 360 learned from several banks, for getting housing relocation compensation of owners, again if you want to buy a commercial housing, bank loans, banks will be in accordance with the second mortgage is possible to apply for. On the credit system of the people's Bank of China, will show the owners used to handle first mortgages, which does not disappear along with the demolition.

conclusion: as can be seen from the above analysis, loans were not repaid if confronted the demolition of the House, owners need not worry too much, in General demolition will help the owners deal with their debt problems with the Bank. But if the owners wish to purchase again, will be recognized by banks for two sets, lending rates and fucheng number will need to take some more.