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Beijing's first home project purchasing for 74:1

first owner-occupied housing projects in Beijing from November 30 people register online, December 14, at 18 o'clock, a total of 148,000 families applied for, which totals can provide housing for about 2000 units, subscription ratio is 74:1. After closing, the next phase will assess purchase qualifications, if you find fraudulent purchase will be cancelled within 5 years eligible for home buyers in Beijing.

known online purchase registration period by evergrande Royal Lagoon Project Web site to complete the online purchase initial registration of families a total of 148,000 units, including affordable housing, two families on the waiting list limit 8023 group other Beijing Hukou household 124,000 households, non-Beijing Hukou households 15,800. Primary estimation of evergrande real people to fill in information, families of priority applications at about 70%.

register online, what if enrollment information to fill out an error?

this developer evergrande, Beijing officials formally responded, since there are more successful customers, in order to ensure the accuracy of the information, the rear has begun registration data the content of the Web site, and collated during this time, the site will shut down any information submitted. From 21st to 26th, the site will be reopened, the public can log on to the system error information.

is in need of attention, submit corrections should be indicated in detail in the report that you want to modify the contents of the right information, such as family members, you must indicate the name, identity card number, domicile, relations with requisitioners. After December 26 will no longer accept error feedback.

in online declared end Hou, next project will batch notification purchase family to sales site submitted audit material, and verified online filled information,, please general purchase people must to submitted real material, and verified online declared information and actual consistent; once in purchase qualification audit process in the, found family online filled information, and submitted material and reality inconsistent, and exists false cheat purchased of, Will be included in cancelled purchase eligible 5 years home buyers in Beijing.