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Credit card late payments affect mortgages do?

now credit history has been closely linked with our life, and credit records in the event of a problem, our lives will bring a lot of trouble, if no approval or rejection. So what can cause a bad credit record? have adverse credit history how to remedy?

cases: many small credit card two years late now when he loan to buy a house in trouble, banks rejected his request for a loan for bad credit. In this regard, small regret, then, in such cases by way of guarantee for mortgage loan?

generally speaking, Bank for borrowers with bad credit records required for 3 times in a row, a total of 6 times. Small things go, even sureties, banks will not accept a loan application.

except credit card late payments, and what factors will have a negative credit history?

1, late without paying credit card consumption records;

2, arising overdue mortgage loans without scheduled payment record;

3, mortgage loans, consumer loans and other loans after rates rise, according to the original amount paid "monthly payments" arising from overdue debt interest, and so on.

4, guarantees to third parties, third parties do not have to repay the loan.

5, phone number to deactivate, without going through the formalities, formed due to owe a monthly fee is overdue, can also cause a bad record.

6, to be fraudulent use of identity papers or photocopies of credit cards debt records.

7, electricity and gas fees late payment of overdue or defaulted on.

once had a bad credit history, how to remedy this?

credit history usually reserved for five years, and once had a bad credit history, you should first try to overdue payments on and avoid the emergence of new overdue, after a period of time, late payment record will be blocked.