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Ren: car purchase limit of urban House prices have to rise

at an Economist Conference held on December 16, said ren Zhiqiang, Chairman of huayuan property, buying a house purchase, the car shakes, city, house prices will continue to rise in the future.

, ren Zhiqiang has judged China's housing market is not a bubble. His judgment is, bubbles are generated by financial leverage, and second homes in many Chinese cities has become a 70% down payment, so that even if house prices fell by 70%, banks will not lose because the Bank took out the price of 30% only as a loan. So if all the losses will not affect China's financial market and the financial system, it wouldn't be called a bubble.

for currently many city on car implemented limited, of situation, ren Zhiqiang said said, "this description these city of prices have rose, not rose it limited, dry well, didn't people to has on without limited, has, Government not revoked limited purchased policy is told you supply, glut of when Government also desperately encourages you buy does, how will limited purchased does. "

in addition, house prices in first-tier cities, ren thinks," why Government should strictly control the large urban household registration does not let outsiders in, cities can do? Mean House middle and cheap you go there to buy a House, your House don't come in big cities, this is actually the price when the threshold. ”