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Zhengzhou price into decline or will continue into next year

  yesterday, the City Housing Authority announced last month that the real estate market. Statistics show that in November, the urban home sales 15264 (), ASP is 8297/sq m, was 4.31% lower than last month. Among them, the apartment sales price of 7295 Yuan/square meters, compared to last month fell 106 Yuan per square meter, down 476 Yuan per square meter than 4 months ago. Industry analysts, looking at the current market and housing sector control, house prices continued to fall this month has been set.
in August, falling prices turning

City real estate market statistics show that in November, home sales averaged 8297/sqm, fell from the previous month to 4.31%, down 2.47% from a year earlier. Apartment sales price 7295 Yuan per square meter, down 106 Yuan/square meter from the previous month, down 1.43%, up 6.09% from a year earlier.

throughout the city this year house price trends August prices the inflection point.

1 to July of this year, average prices for commodity housing in our city are: 6991, 7186 Yuan/square meter/square meters, 7392, 7506, Yuan Yuan/square meter/square meters, 7410, 7630 Yuan Yuan/square meter/square meters, 7771 Yuan/sq m, in addition to decline slightly in May than in April, the overall trend to "up", July averaging the highest value 6 months are up 780 Yuan/square meter. In August, prices start to a turning point in our city, down 182 Yuan per square meter.

was accidental fall or remain steady? Or continue to fall, watching from the public and industry, September 1, the city's housing management Department efforts to increase regulation and take a series of operational measures, inhibiting the city prices. In August, the downtown housing price 7589 Yuan/square meter, the September price 7561/square meters, the October price 7401 Yuan/square meter, the November average 7295 Yuan/square meter. 4 months down 476 Yuan per square meter, with 120 square meters, three-bedroom, for example, if a House cheap more than more than 50,000 yuan.

low price houses increased in

data showed November sales of commercial housing in the urban area 15264 (), up 110.54% from the previous month, a year earlier, an increase of 58.27% ; Home sales 1.4777 million square meters, up 89.21% from the previous month, up 44.81% from a year earlier. Among them, the low-priced commercial housing 123,600 sq m increase over the last month.

municipal administration of housing and real estate Department in charge of market supervision: on September 1, after the new regulatory policy measures in place in our city, municipal housing departments to strengthen the housing price management, for the declared value is too high and did not accept the Housing Authority guidance of newly-built commercial housing projects, suspend its pre-sale permit; for voluntarily project, Price management using information management system of commercial housing price, exceed the declared value of sales, not network contract, these measures have helped real estate development enterprises have lowered the price of commercial housing sales.

November 5000~7000 Yuan/square meters of sales area of 223,900 square 123,600 sq m increase over the last month, accounted for more than 18.82%, 1.98% increase from a month earlier, mainly sold at a relatively low village, as well as lower-priced high-tech zone has a number of larger real estate market sales and volume is very large, such as a yaxin Cheng Shiyue, splendid mountains and rivers yuruiyuan, thang long, a city 3rd, Cheung Wan Hecheng, modest, vanke city Purple Orchid Lodge (Deluxe Room).

low price houses increased at the same time, high-priced housing in the urban area reduced. Data show that in November, the 9000 Yuan/square meters of sales area of 185800 square meters and 15.62% per cent, down 11.86% from last month.

will continue to decline in the future

insiders, has come to the end, for withdrawal of funds, and strong administrative intervention, many enterprises have stepped up promotional efforts, Housing the actual transaction prices are lower than last month's project of the month increased significantly, so House prices continue to decline in the future has been set.

municipal administration of housing and real estate market supervision Department official responsible for the analysis, along with multiple large-scale reconstruction projects of formation of market supply and land sectors has also increased efforts to release of residential land, short tight demand and supply situation will be further eased, city housing price in the short term is expected to show a downward trend ; With gradual adjustment of supply and demand relationship in place, administrative interventions will gradually fade, the city will gradually stabilize housing prices, house prices rose no longer appear.