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Buying tips: how to identify the adequacy of previously owned homes?

secondary age is also an important factor to measure home values, generally speaking, the loan to buy second-hand housing buyers to pay particular attention to this, because of the age old second-hand housing, many banks will refuse to lend. So, buyers should be how to determine secondary age?

from intervention from the date of acceptance of delivery of housing starts, housing adequacy can be queried, the best way is to query document at the end of the real estate management sector.

both units built a house or real estate, in the corresponding register of property rights. If the buyer wants to query, you can contact the seller, take relevant documents such as certificates of title, real estate trading centers or departments such as the Housing Authority of the corresponding query, you can get the true ages of houses.

in addition, there is a more simple way. Buyers asked neighbors about age, especially the old residents of the community, they tend to give a more accurate answer. Buyers may be asking to ensure information is accurate.

after 360 reminded homebuyers, try not to buy the age old second-hand housing, because the age old be a problem, other than loans more difficult home life are greatly reduced, and age long House, pipes, the walls more easily, such as aging, maintenance costs will increase significantly. From a long-term perspective, and property maintenance costs of upgrade no doubt pushed the actual purchase cost for buyers.
However, if homeowners get reliable sources--houses are to be demolished in recent years, buying this House to make, recommend that homeowners do not hesitate, should be decisive shots!

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