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Workers how to do so, the financial balance of the loan?

now with loans home buyers dream of becoming a salaryman a popular choice. In the opinion of many, saddled with mortgage stress is no extra funds money, loans, money really is you can't have your cake and eat it too? After 360 view, simply plan, they are not difficult to mix.

Lee couple were ordinary wage-earner, has been working for four years, monthly family income of 10,000 yuan, there are deposits of 40,000 yuan. A year ago, 380,000 of them loans to buy a House, House 2500 Yuan per month. Lee now faces two choices: part payment in advance and buying financial products, how should she choose?

Lee repayment options of equal value repayments, matching method using the first principal and interest income, and allowing, to divide all the loan principal and interest to the monthly charge, low early monthly mortgage principal, returned most of the interest. By a period of 20 years, sum of 200,000 yuan of mortgage, for example, buyers with matching principal and interest payments, will be about 84 months before principal than interest and interest paid within 3 years almost twice times the principal, substantially higher than the increase due to higher interest rates interest rate. Therefore, if prepayment of buyers within the 3 years, most were actually used for the return of its monthly interest rate, prepayment is not the best choice.

2000-3000 about the Lee family's monthly expenditure, plus monthly installments, about 5000 Yuan in monthly balances, suitable for financial planning, can use the money to invest monetary funds or bank short-term financial products, access to benefits, mortgage interest costs can be reduced.

Ms Lee according to plan this way:

first show 3-6 months of living as an emergency reserve for a rainy day, about 10,000 yuan;

Secondly, 5000 Yuan of monthly balances can be divided into several parts: hand out 1000 Yuan Fund set, mandatory savings add up. Two 3000 Yuan a month with "12 certificates of deposit method" preparation for the family accumulated some wealth. Third, according to the income of the family, from the perspective of family financial security should be configured appropriately term life insurance, critical illness insurance and commercial insurance such as accident insurance. Year payment to 10%~15% annual household income is better, about 6000 Yuan per year, 500 Yuan a month on average. Then can we risk to withstand risks.

third, the remaining 30,000 yuan deposit can be planned: due to the Bank's financial products purchased beginning at least 50,000 yuan, so the 30,000 yuan deposit can consider the purchase of 1-3 bonds or bond funds. After a period of time, LV ladies and families will have accumulated a certain amount of money, you could consider medium-and long-term finance product at this point, earnings were higher than the bank deposit in the same period, offset in part by mortgage interest payments, and birds.

so saddled with mortgage payments to wage-earner through rational planning can be done the loan, the financial balance, the above example merits our reference and reference.