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"Aged" the first product to be launched in January next year

now, our country has entered the aging society, "421" family model has become the mainstream of society. Now, not only for their pension problems in the elderly are worried, even young people are also closely monitoring future where supporting model development, which aroused the exploration of future old-age.

    in addition to traditional methods such as family support, insurance companies and other financial institutions began in recent years deeply involved in pension, retirement communities and "aged" is the insurance company with two main directions. Discussion some time ago around the "aged" recently, there have been subsequent developments--the first "aged" the first product to be launched in January next year.

, "to raise" old question
in September this year, some opinions of the State Council on accelerating development of old-age services noted that China will plan the pilot "housing for the elderly reverse mortgage endowment insurance", then this is summarized as "the aged with housing" policy has attracted attention, but to some extent by the public opinion backlash. Have been "aged" models have a full understanding of cases, quite a lot of people misread this model into the Government will withdraw from the pension insurance, and through the House by the people themselves to solve the pension problem. Therefore, to be operated by commercial insurance companies "aged" for a variety of reasons, faced "little wool" dilemma.

    insurance-related staff had explained the aged with housing "only to older persons in need, and provide a choice of a way of old-age and old-age social responsibility, the Government did not take this negative responsibility. "Aged" is still in the process of research, insurance lead insurance companies to actively explore and study the problem, the next step, and Ministry of Civil Affairs, national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, Housing Ministry and other relevant departments to actively promote this work.

happy life launched in January next year "aged"

    confronted with public opinion, but "aged" first product launch is only a matter of time. Earlier, happier life insurance company said Meng Xiaosu, Chairman, happy life in December will be the development of housing for the elderly reverse mortgage insurance programme and related products launched in January next year.

, apart from the public generally "aged" outside interest is not high, the insurance industry's participation in "aged" the enthusiasm is not high, insurance companies generally have "aged" wait-and-see attitude.

    the insurance industry has little enthusiasm in the business is the main reason is the fear that earn less money, the main risk is that fear of falling house prices, "the aged with housing" after business, insurance proceeds, redemption, auction to include product design and many other areas, Is ultimately the insurance company to assume the risks of falling house prices.

     target customers--owns a home lost only elderly

"aged" is concerned, From the direction of product design, have only a few elderly people are willing to accept the small business insurance products, not become the mainstream pension, which not only high barriers to entry, but also have strict restrictions in real estate, with loss of property alone will be the primary target for this kind of product for the elderly.

for ordinary people, "to prevent pension" this acceptance of reverse mortgage is not high, because they will have to accept the situation of losing their homes.