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Beijing 35 agency promises: not group does not sell the House property to rent

yesterday, 35 of the country's most important real estate companies in Beijing collective announcement will not accept "base rent" business, not provide brokerage services for the limited housing. Future restrictions, including the small property real estate rent or sell it, it's hard to have a formal mediation involved.

yesterday, real estate appraisers and the Institute of real estate agents along with 35 well-known real estate agencies in Beijing to peer initiative, and made six items: housing information is accurate and true, fees for public services, the protection of customers ' personal information, law and regulation to undertake business, timely, standardized business service establishments accepting complaints, And clearly making false housing information, do not eat the difference, do not disclose client personal information, do not provide brokerage services for trading limited housing.

brokers basically covers the main intermediary company, 21st century real estate, Central Plains, I love my family, chains and other large chain of estate agents, all. At present, China's real estate brokerage has more than 50,000, employing more than 1 million people. Because a large number of black agents is a serious problem.

    part of a real estate broker and brokerage practitioners in order to attract tourists, free Web site and store listings information for the publication of false and often deposit not returned and so on. Part of the principal real estate brokers to conceal ownership of housing-related condition, price, and other important matters, derivable from the high post. There are some brokers out of business scope without authorization and in the name of their client's rental housing, driving up rental prices.

Beijing construction Commission official said in China in recent years, some real estate brokers and bad faith of the defection, many practitioners are often "big mistake not, small mistakes and constantly" causing the adverse effects it is difficult to hold, not good faith behavior under public criticism, but regulators and the lack of handholds.

currently, Beijing is demerit point system of intermediaries and practitioners seek public opinions and future real estate agency and brokerage staff violations will be scoring quantitative management, illegal acts are divided into 9 categories of 91 species, cumulative scores will have different penalties and restrictions on intermediaries points to reach 12 points will be banned from working.