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A basketful of new taxes and fees

When you buy a new home, different stages required to pay appropriate taxes. Many first-time buyers feel that this is a very complicated thing, are often confused about taxes and tax rates. Here is after 360 a detailed summary of the new transaction tax, you review the entire buying process, hoping to purchase new guidance.   &Nbsp;           contract          signed a contract means that the official opening of the buying trips. Generally chosen right after the House and pay a down payment of, you can sign the purchase contract.   &Nbsp;
  first of all, you want to clear and developers of the signing of the sale contract is made up of land resources and housing management of printed text, and be sure to find out whether on behalf of developers who signs is its legal personality, if not, to see if it holds "power of Attorney" and requires developers to seal the contract.   &Nbsp;
        second, please carefully read the contract, confirmation signed by the two sides, if you are concerned about content is not reflected in the contract, then entered into a supplemental agreement with the developer or special agreements. Don't forgot to check when you sign the purchase contract "two books". Signing the contract at the same time, developers to provide the residential quality guarantee and the housing with the spec, so that would be able to use the property at repossession time and the property equipment and access to developers to provide warranty services pass.   &Nbsp;
    Finally, don't forget to pay the down payment at the same time, also need to pay stamp duty, stamp duty by 0.5 per thousand of the total price paid. &Nbsp;
loan      sign a purchase contract, the next step is to apply for the loans. After selecting the loans, buyers will be able to process a loan to related departments, in the process a loan at the same time, also need to pay the following expenses:        1. Attorney's fees: to apply for the loan amount 3. Less than 100 Yuan, charged by 100 Yuan; housing Provident Fund loans, does not charge a fee; but if it is a combination of loans, commercial mortgage charged 3 per thousand.       2. notarization fees: If home buyers need legalization, it will have to pay a certain percentage of the notary fee, notarization fee standard is generally 200 to 400 Yuan, or notary fees charged.        3. premiums: divided into two forms, are now generally use the following (1) form. (1) mortgage added joint responsibility guarantee guarantees of: premium = room paragraph x years premium rate x conversion now value coefficient; (2) mortgage added purchase integrated insurance guarantees of, by housing insurance and personal insurance two part constitute: ① housing insurance = loan amount x years premium rate x conversion now value coefficient   II personal insurance = loan amount x (main insurance premium rate x unemployment insurance)     need description of is, lawyer fee and notary fee not must occurred of costs, but due to handle above procedures Shi, Procedure is more complex, so most of the buyers are entrusted to developers, lawyers, or other intermediary through the integration. If it is not necessary the agency or notary, you do not need to pay two fees. &Nbsp;      your   got a stay order from developers, it marked the beginning of landlord repossession.   Rooms at notice, tend to repossession of the time and place, the need for information and the description of the charges one by one. When the foreclosure, the property will work with you to sign the Convention on property management. Inside you will enjoy living in the future clearly what rights and obligations. Property service standards, you should be clear.   After paying management fees by which form, cleaning fee, security fee, green fee is approved, be sure to let the property management company says it clearly and plainly. Meanwhile, must also pay heating costs and management fees.   Of course, you check-in at the same time, also pay some of the costs, developers will normally be billed and residence notice be sent to you, which will set out in detail the charges payable. Wait until all the formalities had been completed, the developer will notify you of payment of maintenance of public funds for housing. You may encounter in the future living housing maintenance, if you do not pay the fee, your legitimate rights and interests will not be maintained. Even if you trust the developer, must also recognize that this accounted for 2% of public maintenance fund developer collection for the Government, the developers cannot use. &Nbsp;
handle property
prior to handle the title deed, you need to pay the following fees:     and deed tax. Deed tax payable shall be calculated based on closing prices and rates levied. Tax rate specified for individuals purchasing homes, at a rate of 4%. Individuals purchase their own homes and affordable housing for the first time, bigger than 90 square meters, or less than 140 square meters of 3% taxes levied; more than 140 square meters, 3% levy; his first purchase of 90 square metres and below average housing, press 1% tax. Name in the existing housing, again according to the 3% collection.     II, parts of the shared common facilities maintenance fund. The maintenance fund in accordance with 2% of the total price paid, after setting up the Commission, managed by the owners.       Third, property rights registration fee: ordinary residence in accordance with the general housing 80 yuan each price paid; affordable housing, public housing for the first time in accordance with the price of houses 40 Yuan each to pay.     Four, house ownership certificates: certificates of Title 4 Yuan per piece.     Five, certificates of real estate decal 5 Yuan per piece.